Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wedding Ring Pillow Finished

The font selected was stellajnif, so I loaded it into Word and was able to bend it. I tried several different ways to stitch the wording, and the best I came up with was using RG's Splendor silk, 3 strands for the capitals and 2 for the other letters, and couching it down with silk 50 wt thread.

I'm ready to finish the pillow once I get the ok. Then it is back to Antique Mirrors while waiting for the results of my Master Craftsman color submissions.

Monday, January 26, 2015

MC Color 2nd Piece

Re-stitched the second piece, by changing the top band color. The Step 2 project, plus the resubmission of the Step 1 pieces, have been sent in for the February judging - so I can stop agonizing about making modifications.

Back to doing the wedding ring pillow, now that I have the correct fonts.