Saturday, December 20, 2014

Master Craftsman Color Step 2

After much agonizing and dragging of feet, I finally had to get going, in order to make the January 31 deadline. This step is on value and contrast, with 2 stitched abstract pieces to demonstrate the concept.
I started on a computer rendition, followed by painting the pieces I planned to stitch:

I tried out different color combinations on the doodle cloth.

I settled on these colors for the the first piece:

For the second piece, I plan to paint the center white portion a light grey - to provide a high minor key with much less saturation.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Antique Mirror Chrysanthemums

Started on the superposition chrysanthemums. They were reasonably ok - all things considered; the edges were not as evenly scalloped as they should be. At least the stitches were not sinking into the foundation. There are a lot more chrysanthemums that I should be able to improve on. It was quite difficult to stitch through all the layers in addition to the thick fabric.

A few "personal devices" I employed: 
1. I used DMC cotton instead of self-padding silk;
2. I used pliers to pull the needle through on the thick parts;
3. I used my circle template to generate the circles.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Antique Mirrors

Back to Faded Treasures. It's tissue transfer and basting, on and on and on...
Basting is done.

I decided to not baste every line, as evident in the two hanabishis. I'll see what happens when I start stitching them.

Tissue removed. I had to vacuum the floor afterwards to get rid of all the tissue scraps that I threw down as I was removing them.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wedding Ring Pillow

This is the final version for the flower circle, I hope. I stopped "enhancing" it as it will only go downhill from here. The original intended stumpwork wire rimmed petals did not work, so I decided to do concertina roses. These are more triangular in shape, and provide a contrast to the round spider roses - although they are a lot harder to work with the soft silk ribbons, especially the thinner 7 mm ribbons. I added calla lilies with pearl centers at the top and sides as well.


Now I have to find out about the font for the date and wordings...

Monday, October 13, 2014

Wedding Ring Pillow

Modifying the design as I go along. I use the silk from an old silk shirt, that has highlight spots which gives it a nice texture. I'm using 3 widths of natural white silk ribbon - 2 mm, 4 mm and 7 mm. I've added small glass beads, small fresh water seed pearls, and french knots with single and double strands of Rainbow Gallery Splendor silk.

Next I'll be working on the detached wire-rimmed  petals; debating between using the Splendor silk or cotton floss, on an organiza ground - so as to make the petals more delicate.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Short Stitch holding, Wedding Ring Pillow

I did the temporary holding stitch, at 1 cm intervals, and finished the Short Stitch Holding (SSH) for the blue section. I was not able to maintain a consistent angle, so for the light brown section I decided to establish the angle using temporary guidelines that the SSH will follow. I'm using Clover Size 50 silk thread for the SSH, and to thin it out, I'm removing one of the 3 strands.

A concurrent project I'm starting is a Wedding Ring Pillow for my son's wedding next April. I had some problem getting started with the design, so I made a first attempt that was used as a starting point for discussion. The ground is dupioni silk, with spider roses, stitched leaves and french knots and beads. I initially added some crystals that turned out to be too much; the color is also too white. 

The next version should be reasonably close to the final piece. The design was made using a compass, with bubbles representing the motifs. I will make one more prototype before finalizing with silk threads and ribbons. The font will be the same as the wedding invitation (which hasn't been decided yet).

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Camellia, Blue Flower Framed

The frames came today and here are the final pictures. The Camellia (JE Phase 7) is a wood frame with a gold lip, double matted with green and gold.

The Blue Flower (EGA GCC) is a gold frame. Unfortunately it is too shallow to accommodate the artwork, the spacer and the glass. I will have to do something else about it, as it will be very unwise to hang it without the glass protection.

And while I had the tripod set up I took some additional views of the pieces.

For the antique mirror, I did some more blending during the 2 day class over the weekend.