Monday, November 16, 2015

Goldfish fins

I finished the fins and the body of the goldfish. I believe I need to do short stitch holding on the white tummy; which may interfere with the bumps. It looks so nice now that I want to skip the short stitch holding. I'll ask Mary Alice. I am also leaving the scales and the fin "ribs" for later - to avoid snagging on the metal threads that are the scales and ribs.

Working on the tail fins next, after protecting the body with tissue.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Goldfish Blending

I did the blending two ways: on the front of the body I used 6 sugas of orange thread to cover the shared holes of the orange and white threads - you can still see the uncovered holes on the back half of the body. On the front fin, I used 6 sugas of white thread to cover the shared holes. It doesn't look any different, but on certain angles the white looks better. However I need to continue with the orange thread for the remainder of the body, and then I'll switch to the other way around for the tail fins.

I also made sure there is a one point opening between the fins and the body. Suzy (my art teacher) said she was told to do the same for her paintings - so it must be the "universally correct" way!

The fish has a cute fat tummy...

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Midori's Goldfish

Finally got back to working on Japanese embroidery. The goldfish from Midori is easier...
The fishes have to be outlined with running stitch. I used running stitches for the fins and backstitch for the body. There are little padded blobs on the tummy, and a bump on the forehead. Midori's silk threads are 16 sugas, and they seem to be easier to work with than the JEC ones - although that sometimes is dependent on the color of the thread.

Here are all my "personal devices" in order to maintain the correct weft angle. These include a T-square, a flexible ruler, and a programming template (from my previous life). As  it turns out, the thinnest devices work the best.

Today's progress: