Monday, June 18, 2012

Almost done

Finished the lilies of the valley, the edgings and the stems. Before I put in the stems, my son commented that the lilies looked like the ghosties from PacMan.

I was really worried about the one lily that sits on top of the heavy tulip stem, and was considering putting it behind the stem instead. But then I figured that Kay might fail me for doing that ;-) It turned out reasonably well, even the edging.

After doing lots of cuts of the pearl purl for the edgings, it finally occurred to me (duh!) how to fix the magnolia bud. I need to cut the purl to make it lay flat. Here's the redid bud.

Finally removed all the tissue paper. On the home stretch now, only thing left to do is the butterfly!

Don't want Pookie to feel left out, so here he is.

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