Thursday, September 6, 2012


Did some "simple" satin stitching today. But should have done the right (narrow) side of the kimono before the left, following the top-to-bottom and left-to-right stitching order rules.  Oh well, just have to be careful to keep the finished parts covered so as not to rub against it.
I am ready to do the fading of the kimono bottom from blue to lavendar. My initial thought was since it is 2 flat strands for the satin stitch, I would use one strand of blue and one strand of lavendar for the merged section, and then onto 2 strands of lavendar. But I think this will make it look "stripe-y". I really need the sugas (individual silk threads) to mix themselves up. I may need to progress as 1.75 blue + 0.25 lavendar, then 1.5 blue = 0.5 lavendar, then 1.25 blue + .75 lavendar, etc. This may be a bit overkill, I may not need that fine a gradation. I'll have to test it out. Stay tuned. (And any advice would be appreciated).
I have also been mulling over a comment from Kay Stanis. She mentioned that it will be more pleasing to have the Short Stitch holding follow the sweep of the kimono, instead of going perpendicular to the weft lines, as shown in the color picture from the Japanese Embroidery Center. I was at a lower phase then and didn't really understand her. I may have it figured out now. The temporary holding threads (at 0.8 cm intervals) need to follow the curve (instead of vertical), the tacking stitches need to stay horizontal, and the SSH stitches can then follow the temporary holding threads. I will try this out on the side before attempting it.

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