Saturday, February 2, 2013

More Outlines

I have the habit of diving headlong into a technique and THEN read the instructions afterwards. I found that my line-of-held-thread wasn't done correctly. Having stitched almost all the outlines using line-of-held-thread, I realized that I wasn't supposed to stitch it like the metal threads (i.e. using a koma) . However my (wrong) technique turned out pretty good results, so I think this is a technique that I will substitute my own (!)
All the lattice knots are done, plus the outlines for the obi. The blister flowers are misbehaving; the petals kept slipping off the knots. Before the final framing I will push the knots back in and hope that they stay.

The end is in sight - what's remaining are the blue kimono outline and the background, and some final touches for the other colors. I'm beginning to contemplate the framing...

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