Thursday, January 23, 2014


The left lily stem was done with self-padding, the right with 4 strands of #8 perle cotton, twisted and couched. The perle cotton padding looks better, although it may be too thick. I think 3 strands of perle cotton may work better.

For the dark shadow, I marked over the resist lines with black sharpie (well this IS a doodle cloth!). I stitched blending filament for the water on top of the shadow. I used a mixture of bullion knots and straight stitches for the lily center. I added a little bit of shading on the lily petals; I don't know if this helps or hurts - will think about it.

I tried to make a water meniscus where the lily stem enters the water, using 2 strands of blending filament - that didn't work out, although the one under the top right lily pad has possibilities.

What's wrong with the lily bud:
1. It needs to be padded, to match the stem.
2. The edges of the bud need to stay white.

So that's what I'll fix next.

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