Saturday, June 28, 2014

EGA Master Craftsman project

I am trying to finish the project(s) for EGA Master Craftsman in Color. The submissions are due in July; so I have no time to do my JE Camellia. (Whew!)

One of my pieces (if successful) is going to be the interpretation of the photo (with her kind permission) that my friend took when she visited Halong Bay in Hanoi. She talked about it in her blog travelswithrarecat.

I use white Dupioni silk as the ground. One thing I found out regarding painting on Dupioni silk is that I have to pre-wash the silk, and very carefully. For my first unsuccessful attempt, I squeezed it dry after washing with synthrapol. The fabric got badly creased and no amount of re-wetting or ironing was capable of removing the wrinkles. There was also significant shrinkage after washing. So I had to wash it VERY gingerly.

I painted the sky with a light magenta wash, and an even lighter wash was painted on part of the water. The hills were painted with magenta shaded with black. The focal hill was stitched with 3 shades of Appleton wool. I hand dyed white silk gauze with shaded magenta and stitched the gauze on the mid-ground hills.

I had to experiment to find out how to do the water. I found the solution in Suzhou embroidery, from the books Threads of Light, and Chinese Embroidery. It is called random stitch embroidery by the former, and free cross stitch by the latter. So far I have 3 shades of magenta/mauve for the water.

For the companion piece, which has to be identical except for the color scheme, I'm thinking of doing it in black and white, and then stitching the raft in a brilliant red(?) color. I will contemplate on it as I work on  finishing the current piece.


  1. That takes me back to my honeymoon touring Vietnam. I don't what's on the photo but is the raft actually a traditional junk? Halong bay isn't actually in Hanoi as Hanoi is a city, I seem to remember it was an hour and a half drive from Hanoi.

  2. You're absolutely right, Wendy. Halong Bay is not in Hanoi but it's near Hanoi - in fact it was a four hour drive for us over bumpy roads! What's on the photo is not a traditional junk with sails and all but it's an ordinary fishing boat used by local fishermen.

  3. How lucky you both are to have visited Halong Bay! I remember being fascinated by it after seeing it in a James Bond movie. I found out from National Geographic recently that the structures are called "karst" - never knew there is a special name for it.
    Thanks for your comments!