Friday, April 10, 2015

Painting Silk Ribbons

This is a really easy way to paint silk ribbons, as it requires no "painterly" tools. I use YLI white silk ribbons and Pebeo SetaSilk silk paint.

1. Put a plastic wrap on top of a piece of white paper, and cut out the approximate length of white silk ribbons.

2. Pour out a small puddle of paint onto the plastic.

3. Dip the end of the ribbon into the paint. The ribbon will start wicking up the paint. Drag the ribbon through the paint.

4. When you are close to the end, use chopsticks to finish dragging the ribbon through the paint. If you are not competent with chopsticks (and I think that everybody should be proficient with this very elegant and useful utensil) you can use tweezers instead.

 5. Allow the ribbons to dry, iron to set the paint per the Setasilk instructions. Voila! Bright yellow silk ribbons.

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