Saturday, December 26, 2015

Atmospheric perspective

As usual I'm going to stitch my piece before finishing writing the paper on perspective - although this time all the research were done.
This is the test piece - the initial painting using water color.

Test piece partially stitched. I tried several different techniques on the left mountain, and used layered silk gauze for the green hills.

The next one should be the start of the real piece - if I don't mess it up part way. I tried to warm up the foreground green with an orange under painting. Unfortunately it shows too much under the green silk gauze, so I painted another layer of organza to put under the green. Will see what it looks like when I stitch it up...

As for the red apple (the "What is it" piece), there were a couple of misinterpretations. Firstly, the "all shadows are blue" declaration was incorrect (what?! Even Farber Birren said so!) The missing word was "inherently" blue. That is because sunlight - the common source of light - is yellow-orange, and the shadow is then the complementary of the incident light; hence blue-violet. Secondly and that was my error - the reflected light is the complement of the red, and I added green. My mistake stemmed from the difference between paint and thread; adding green paint to red makes brown, which becomes the reflected shadow. Instead of adding green thread to the red thread, I should have used brown thread instead. I'm glad I got that straightened out - it's easy to test it using a plain round Christmas ornament under different light resting on different colored papers.

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