Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Large Goldfish Done

Finished the large goldfish. For the scales of the large goldfish: I did not follow the instructions of using 4 #1 gold couched together, which did not work at all for me. Next I tried a single #4 gold, couched, but the wraps are too big to bend for the arc of the scale. So finally I stitched with a single #3 gold, couched, as I did not want to keep sinking the two ends of each scale. It turned out reasonably well, although it is probably a no-no for traditional Japanese embroidery. For the scales of the medium goldfish, I used 2 strands of #1 gold.

I've stitched two tissue paper covers over both fishes,(front and back of the piece) in preparation for transport to Mary Alice's class next week, after the EGA GPR seminar. I am not transporting the backlit lamp, which was really a pain to use, not to mention that I kept jerking back from touching the hot bulb with my fingers while stitching! I should have enough to do for the 3 days of class without having to use the lamp.

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  1. It's looking great. Have fun at your class next week :-)