Saturday, October 15, 2016

SFSND Challenge - Jewels of the Sea

I was lucky enough to have scored a set of Swarovski crystals that is the basis of the "Jewels of the Sea" challenge. This is the second "Stitch at Home" challenge from the school.

I really enjoy their challenges - they allow me to go to town to try new things - and I don't have to frame up the piece, or to send it in.

I was able to use all but 2 of the crystals, which I will then have to send back. For this piece I used painted cheese cloth, tulle edged with memory thread, and lots and lots of invisible thread. My quilting friend (thanks, Leslie!) provided me with the background - hand dyed batik - which worked well with the design. I did find out that the batik fabric tears easily; the next time I will iron on a backing to strengthen it.



  1. The turtles are so sweet. What a clever idea :-)

  2. My initial idea includes seahorse, octopus and maybe an otter, but the scale does not work, and it would have been difficult to use the hard crystals for the soft creatures. Thanks for visiting!