Monday, July 23, 2012

Wedding Shellbox Done

Finally decided to stop obsessing about it, and call it done. There are several places that I would like to redo, but refrained because of the unforgiving Nishijin fabric.
My next project is the Phase 6 Eternal Grace. I also have an extra piece, the "Lightning Bug" that I am contemplating starting as well, but since I don't functional too well with multiple projects (I tend to focus on the easier one) I probably shouldn't.


  1. Your Wedding Shellbox looks great to me. It is a beautiful piece.

    I have Gracie in my stash but don't expect to get around to her any time soon :-)

    I shall look forward to watching you stitch Grace.

  2. How lovely this is. I really like the shell silver cord. Well done it's beautiful. Good luck with Grace.