Thursday, August 16, 2012

Framed pieces

All the completed pieces were framed. In addition, I redid the "Expanse of Shippo" to remove the speck of dirt under the glass that the judge pointed out during the GPR Exhibit. I took advantage of it being removed from its frame to photograph it without the glass. This is my JE Phase 4 piece.

Naoshima Sunset framed.

Wedding Shellbox, my Phase 5 piece, framed.

Spring's Splendor, GCC class, framed  with linen liner. This one turned out really nice. Darn it! There is a small white speck on the tulip petal, which if the judge saw it would be marked as a demerit! I will have to reframe this later.

Do I have any more excuse about working on Gracie (Phase 6)? Well, it's too hot today!


  1. I have not seen "Expanse of Shippo" before. What a lovely piece! Are some parts gold leaf?

  2. Expanse of Shippo is a JEC piece. There is no gold leaf; that technique is way beyond my ability!