Monday, July 15, 2013

Camellia, Summer Hydrangea

There is a bit of "sawtooth" for the edges of the two newest petals. I'll have to see if there is any way to fix it, short of taking it out. Maybe the leaves will help disguise it.

I mounted up the Summer Hydrangea piece, which came on the Tsuyushiba sha fabric.  I found out that "tsuyushiba" means dew-on-grass. On reading the box chart, there is a technique called "takeyamachi-nui" that is not in the instruction books. On googling it says "the weft is lifted following the warp and caught with a stitch leaving a gap and creating a kind of brick pattern". This sounds different from the box chart description which just runs the flat gold over and under, and will not create too much of a three dimensional effect.

It's a good thing I researched Japanese scrolls previously, as this piece has the ichimonji sections (upper and lower gold brocade strips) in ichimatsu (alternating gold blocks), and the side strips. From the color print out it appears that the piece has not been completed - some (not all) grass were worked outside the scroll picture, and none inside the scroll picture. The dews were not stitched either.
I can of course ignore the scroll parts and the grass, but since these are in flat gold and flat silver, it may be fun to do them. I'll have to ask my teacher about this.

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