Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Both Pieces Done

I am calling them done, even though they are not exactly the way I originally envisioned them. One of the most fascinating aspect of karsts formations are the gnarly trees, hanging on for dear life on the eroded substrate. Unfortunately I tried several approaches and couldn't get it right. So bare karsts it is! I also tried several ways to represent the shimmering water, but they didn't work out either.

What did work out was the bright red raft - looks really cool against the monochromatic scheme.

As opposed to the subdued raft, which looks subdued.

I found some leaf skeletons from the yard and brushed them with gel medium, and stitched them onto the left karst. I think they look fine.

I will review them tomorrow and hopefully they will still look ok. Now onto the research paper...


  1. not all the karsts have trees so you're still correct! I like the look of the leaf skeleton. I like the red raft too. Perhaps you needed a layer of sparkly organza over your fabric and under your stitching, could you add one below, would it show through the holes in the fabric maybe?

    1. Nice to know that not all karsts have trees! It's too late to add organiza to the water - since initially I wanted an oriental feel to the pieces. I added some white silk stitches on the water, from the vee of the hills to the right foreground, and depending on the angle, it's somewhat more visible on the purple piece than the black-and-white piece.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and comment! I need all the help and suggestions I can get for this program, so please continue to advise and make suggestions!