Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Second Piece Redone

As I was doing the write-ups for the pieces, I realized that they were both monochromatic! Yikes!! After I calmed down, I studied both pieces to see what I could do. One, I can't change the water; two, I can't change the stitched karst, three, it won't do any good to change the fisherman and the boat. That leaves the silk-gauzed distant hills. Initially I was going to change the colors of the hills in the mauve piece - but since this piece is a definite monochrome color scheme, it may be better (and easier to justify) changing the black-and-white piece.
Thus the hills are now green, and with the red raft being such a dramatic color, I think it falls in the realm of "non-traditional" color scheme, as I cannot give a name for it. Keeping my fingers cross for the judges to accept that..

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