Wednesday, August 13, 2014

EGA Master Craftsman Color

My Step 1 projects came back and I got a "provisional pass", which requires a re-submission before Step 2 can be judged. The piece that did not pass is the black-and-white piece with the red raft. The judge pointed out that this piece is a complementary color scheme (red-green), and not a non-traditional color scheme. I briefly considered re-designing both pieces, using geometric designs so I can have a freer rein on the colors. Then I found out that the easiest fix would be to replace the red raft (sigh!). This will then be a modification of a traditional triad color scheme (green-purple-orange) with only 2 colors (green and purple), and thus fulfills the requirement for this step. I was able to unstitch the red raft without affecting the stitches around it (except for the doll hair oar). I replaced it with the same purple hue I used in the first piece (also a requirement that I did not fulfill). It looks really drab now - that must be why this is not a traditional color scheme!


  1. I really like the closeup of the lone raft - thought it sketched a very realistic representation with just a few lines. I also find the rendition of the main rock very evocative of the details in the original. Well done!

    1. I hope this piece does better when I resubmit next February. Thanks for the comment!