Friday, August 29, 2014

Faded Treasures

Got started on Faded Treasure (or Antique Mirrors). Initially I was disappointed that it did not come in the mottled red-brown fabric of the photo. Now I think the nishijin mottled black gold is prettier, although it is challenging since the fabric is unforgiving of mistakes, and the outline was hard to see because of the reflection. It got better after a while. So far the weft foundation was not too bad. I will have lots of practice with superposition and cords; I did not do either technique well in the earlier phases.
All the motifs will be covered up once the foundation is in place - and then they need to be transferred back on top of the foundation.


  1. WOW! Going to be beautiful.

  2. I think the alternative fabric is better - the mirrors will stand out better. I have seen this piece stitched up - it is very beautiful. It's going to interesting to see it develop.

  3. Catching up on some blog reading. Its nice to see this piece on gold, I'm sure it will wonderful. I did my phase 10 on that mottled gold, it is 'interesting' to work on but the end result is worth it. Looking forward to seeing more