Saturday, November 14, 2015

Midori's Goldfish

Finally got back to working on Japanese embroidery. The goldfish from Midori is easier...
The fishes have to be outlined with running stitch. I used running stitches for the fins and backstitch for the body. There are little padded blobs on the tummy, and a bump on the forehead. Midori's silk threads are 16 sugas, and they seem to be easier to work with than the JEC ones - although that sometimes is dependent on the color of the thread.

Here are all my "personal devices" in order to maintain the correct weft angle. These include a T-square, a flexible ruler, and a programming template (from my previous life). As  it turns out, the thinnest devices work the best.

Today's progress:


  1. You've made a good start and the fabric looks interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing these goldfish come to life.

    1. The fabric is very pretty, but thin, so I have to be very careful about not pulling too tightly; quite a change from the thick Nishijin gold fabric - but much easier on the fingers.

  2. I love seeing progress shots. I will have to make sure to add a ruler to my sewing kit.

  3. I will keep them coming. Thanks for visiting!