Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Still too scared about doing the face, so decided to finish this section of the kimono first. Instead of using a .5Twist silk for the short stitch holding per the box chart, I thought it would be easier to use .25Flat instead, since 1. I don't have to twist a lot of fine threads, and 2. flat silk stitch is 1 cm long instead of 0.8 cm, which fits into the 1 cm spacing of the temporary holding. I don't know if this is a wise decision or not; half way through the first row I realized that short stitch holding is intended to: 1. turn people blind, and 2. drive them into a mental institution, not necessarily in that order.
On further reading of the Susan Stevens book, she proposed not counting thread, but use spacing and angle instead for the stitch placement. This worked better, although since I started with counting thread, the spacing and angle are not too consistent, but that will have to do. I'll find out how well this foundation holds up when I put the superimposed lines on top. I'll test that out as soon as this foundation is done - to see if I need to un-stitch and start over (or worse!)

Did 3 rows of short stitch holding, and removed the temporary holding thread as soon as the row of holding stitches were done.

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  1. 1. turn people blind, and 2. drive them into a mental institution - you got it. Welcome to the club. jane