Friday, August 31, 2012

Gracie's Face

Got the face and hands done, and put in short stitch holding where the threads spanned 1 cm. I may be getting the hang of the short stitch holding - they turned out reasonably well for the face.
Discussion: Twisted foundation requires 8 mm spacing for the holding stitches. I don't understand why I should put the temporary holding threads at 1 cm and then stitch at 8 mm (as Susan Steven's book says to do), instead of putting the temporary holding threads at 8 mm and then stitch the full 8 mm length. There is the ambiguity of "mid-point" of previous row for the start of the next row of holding stitches, which could mean at 4 mm or 5 mm. I decided to ignore the 1 mm discrepancy and spaced the temporary holding threads at 8 mm.

Transferred the features to the face, including the ear and chin. Decided to leave well enough alone and tackle the features tomorrow.


  1. Thank you for posting about Eternal Grace! I am enjoying your journey as you stitch this lovely project.

    1. Hi Lois:
      You sound like you've done this project. Is that true? Thanks for visiting.

    2. No, not yet. I am still dawdling on a lower phase as I have been doing Japanese beading phases instead.

      I am planning on doing Gracie some day, so I am paying close attention to your posts.

  2. If I have to do SSH at 8mm I put the temp holding lines in at 8mm, it helps with the spacing, and after all once they've come out who knows if they've been at 8mm or 1cm!