Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Falling Stars

Gracie is completed and framed. Here she is in a simple brown wood frame.

I decided just to put trim around Betty and call her done.

My next big project is JEC special dye piece - Falling Stars, or variously been referred to as Fireflies or Lightning Bugs. I have it framed up, and the 3 bright circles are the fire flies, and not reflections from light. The fabric is advance as it is somewhat transparent. I'll wait for class next month before starting on it.

In the meantime, I plan to do another Trish Burr piece, now that I feel I can handle her birds. It's the Sacred Kingfisher from the Color Confidence book. This is not going to be a practice piece so I will use church linen and be much more careful with the transfer, and finish it properly.


  1. Great finishing on both Gracie and Betty. Falling Stars is a beautiful piece, I will look forward to watching you stitch this. Just about everyone I know (embroiderers that is) wants to stitch the Sacred Kingfisher. I shall look forward to that seeing that project too.