Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kingfisher finished

I decided to just fix the back feathers by rounding the corners, instead of unstitching them. It is somewhat better.

The side feathers were done with 1/2 strand of light yellow Japanese flat silk. It turned out really fine and fluffy.
Then I decided that he was too skinny, and needed a rounder tummy. Here's the final version - I'm going to name him Kenny. I will review him tomorrow and see if anything else needs to be done.

I am done with doing birds for now.


  1. Fabulous! I think you have done a great job with Kenny.

    1. Thank you! One tip I found while doing this piece. Whenever I see the fabric starting to pucker, I determine where the pucker can be eliminated by stretching the fabric. Then I un-tack that area - usually just one or at most 2 tacks, and re-tack it after stretching. The piece is now totally smooth. I'll just have to be careful when taking it off to maintain the tension.