Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sacred Kingfisher

After I realize how expensive church linen is, I decided to use cotton sateen instead. When I was tracing the design, I found that the cotton sateen I have is too rough, so I use Southern Belle muslin instead.

Since I wasted a lot of time hunting for the correct colors the last time, I decided to organize my work area. I use a music stand for the book and instructions. This is also a great place to put my magnets and park all my needles, lined up per the instructions for the section under work. I organized the 40+ skeins into bins of 5 each, and then retrieve and line up the skeins required for the section I'm working on in a separate bin on top. Once the section is finished, these will be filed back into the big bin and the next set retrieved into the top bin, and so on.

Since the instructions specified Eterna silk, which is no longer available, I determined the colors required and plan to substitute Japanese silk instead. For a description of the Eterna silk colors, see EternaSilkColors.  Another idea is to split the Glorianna threads, especially for the several values of the "jonquil" side feathers - maybe I can just use the Glorianna (variegated) narcissus instead. I may try this out later.
Here's what I have for today.

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