Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flat gold solved!

I am so happy I've figured it out! Here's the story.

During class with Kay Stanis, she told me that the flat gold starts at the 2nd hole from the left void, then weft layer at every other "valley" (actually hole, as the Ro fabric does not have defined valleys), and end up adjacent to the subsequent (right) void, for a total of 5 laid flat gold's.
Here's my fabric much expanded, with the needle I use for the flat gold. When I counted the weft threads between voids I have 12 threads! That means I end up with 1 hole remaining! I went back to look at Kay's piece, and her Ro fabric has 11 threads between voids, not 12!! That was my EUREKA! moment.
So the moral is, for the Ro fabric with flat gold, count to see how many threads there are between voids, and adjust accordingly.

Another problem is the size of the needle. As the flat gold requires the largest needle that I have (one size smaller than the sinking needle), the point of the needle is not as sharp as I would prefer, which makes it more difficult to poke precisely.
Also the flat gold, while not delicate, cannot be un-stitched more than 2 or 3 times, before it starts peeling or crimping.

I am finally getting to the point where I make progress with the flat gold. And it's looking decent.

Flat gold detail.
According to Kay, the backside of the flat gold (on the underside of the piece) should be flat, and not twisted, and I need to work on that; although that is not a flaw (in my opinion) that requires un-stitching.

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