Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reed leaves and veins

The leaves improved by themselves just by sitting overnight. ;-) So I left them alone.

 The veins of the orange and purple leaves are single strands of #4 gold, couched with orange and purple. The veins of the blue leaves are green, and the veins of the green leaves are blue.

For the piece after Camellia, I picked the Hydrangea Summer Scroll, as hydrangea is one of my favorite flowers. I did not notice this piece until several days ago, and ordered it right away. Too bad the Tsuyushiba Sha fabric is no longer available.  I have to order a different pattern (water pattern) - and I don't know what the water pattern looks like. From the JEC Facebook page:

Or if you are on Facebook, this link -Summer Hydrangea.

Another piece I just ordered is Faded Treasures - Antique mirrors. This one is going to be nerve wrecking as it's a Phase XIX, but I have wanted it from the beginning.

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