Monday, May 6, 2013

Flat gold

I measured the distance between the flat gold; it amounts to 1.2 mm apart. It is very difficult to space out this distance. Some of the difficulties came from the width of the flat gold. I also tried to insert pins at the correct distance but that wasn't workable either. Finally I gave up and just did the best - and with practice, actually it was starting to look ok. (Whew!!)
Initial attempt:

Where I left off today- the fence on the right side looks better than that on the left side:

The frame for Kenny came, so here he is in his new frame.

I also framed Betty. I like Betty better than Kenny.


  1. Are you using a magnifier? I am doing two pieces at the moment that both involve stitching in the valley and I need a magnifier to see the valley clearly! I've not worked with flat gold before, I woould like to try it sometime.

    Betty and Kenny look lovely in their frames.

    1. The problem is Ro fabric doesn't have well defined valleys, so it is counting the weft threads. I'll post a close up of the fabric today, and discuss the problems I'm having with flat gold - maybe you have some ideas on solving them?
      Thanks for visiting!