Thursday, September 24, 2015

Japanese beading

Mary Alice taught a Beginning Japanese Beading class that was quite fun. The project is a rose brooch. It is much easier than Antique Mirrors, I will have to make a conscious effort not to neglect Antique Mirrors while working on the beading. Discipline, discipline!

Mary Alice agreed with me that the kikko was badly done, so here's the revision. I made a thinner twisted thread, and used a T-square to line up the weft. It looks better now.

I got two more pieces - one is Midori Matsushima's goldfish, taught at Blue Bonnet Studio a few years ago:

Mary Alice talked me into doing Phase 8 - Fuzzy Effect, with this piece Ducks on rocks (Is that a drink?!) I think I'm set for life.


  1. Beautiful pieces! I love the goldfish.

  2. Japanese beading is a good source of light relief when Japanese embroidery gets too intense. It's a tough call to make to take things out and have another go. But it's worth the effort to get it right.

    1. Indeed beading is easier! Thanks for visiting.