Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gracie Woodblock

This is the original woodblock for Gracie. It is called The Geisha Itsutomi by Chobunsai Eishi (1756-1815)

There are a lot of soft folds on the red undergarment. However with the tatewaku effect it is difficult to do a lot of them. I put in one fold by couching in a guideline and then breaking the lattice lines along the fold.
The tatewaku effect is more difficult to do than I expected. Maybe I should have used a 1F for the 2 side stitches. They are too subtle to see when done. And I forgot to check to make sure that the diamonds line up both horizontally and vertically - oh well.

I have not couched in the fold yet. In fact I may add in an extra fold by just couching on top of the tatewaku diamonds. I will sleep on that.

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