Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gracie Teaching Notes

Mary Alice gave me the Gracie teaching class notes (a 47 page tome) during class. Since I already did a bit using only the French book and the paper picture model there were some "Oops, I did it wrong...Oh well... (not going to take it out now)" moments, plus some interesting cultural notes, as follows:
1. Color = rank. Black is the highest (only for the emperor) then red, then blue. ... Jewel tones are not used in Japan; they have no jewels. Blue is not used much (It caused much agonizing when I decided to use blue) Orange and gold are the usual colors.
2. This is a spring design, thus should use spring colors. Summer and autumn colors will conflict with the cherry blossoms.
3. Kimono undergarments would be brighter and more colorful to be eye-catching.
Now for the technique faux pas and tips:
4. For the kimono - there are NO blended threads; use 2 needles instead, one for each color (The two blending threads share the same hole horizontally, then the hole is covered by the holding thread - an Eureka moment for me!)
5. The stitches on the picture model are too short for the  undergarment.
6. Very small one point open space between the undergarments.
7. Tapering the stitching from 1.5F to 1F as the undergarment area narrows towards the top.
8. For blending area, use thicker thread with softer twist.
9.Petal stitches should be shorter - else they will look like fish bones.
And the Oops-oops-oops - the eyes and eye brows on the design as printed(!) are too steep an angle. They should be closer to parallel to the foundation stitches. I like my Gracie's face anyway!

Today's accomplishment - the butterscotch color undergarment. I made a very small one point open space between it and the green undergarment and switched to 1F towards the top.

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