Thursday, January 24, 2013

Obi Blending

It looks nice after the blending thread is in; it evens out the wide difference in shading. Hopefully it will make the obi look very 3 dimensional when done (meaning of course that there really isn't that wide a variation in shading in both Mary Alice's and the JEC paper model).

The red thread defines the 8 mm spacing for the SSH.
Unfortunately it was impossible to see the every 3rd thread for the SSH, especially with the blending in place. So I added guide lines for the angle and I'm using the ruler to measure 2.5 mm for the SSH. I only need to do SSH for the lighter red.

I have the SSH done on the left side, and most of it on the right side. I can either do the blisters flowers next or continue on the obi around the waist.

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