Monday, January 14, 2013

Kimono Undergarments

I used a very pale cream color for the knots in the lattice holding of the butterscotch undergarment, as gold knots fade too much into the foundation. Most of the round knots did not turn out with the perfect "S" shape according to Susan Stevens instructions.  They are small enough that I hope they won't be obvious.

Then I started on the red underskirt. The static electricity was really bad today, even with licking the thread a lot, so didn't do much. I hope it's the winter condition and not a property of the red silk.
I am considering adding a fold on the red skirt - like in the original woodblock - to give it a little softness. That will involve "breaking" the steam rising (tatewaku) novel effect along the fold, and couching on a fold line. I am apprehensive as I haven't seen anybody else doing it.

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