Thursday, April 3, 2014

Embroidery with Mixed Media

I'm doing another fun project - the  EGA GCC class Embroidery with Mixed Media, by Laura Smith. I've combined this with my previous class Mark and Paint on Canvas and Fabric, also by Laura Smith, discussed in an older post waterlilies on silk. For this Mixed Media class, I've painted a seascape on linen. I've ironed on Pellon shape flex sf101 as suggested by Trish Burr in her blog. This gives additional body to the linen to support tyvek, ort fabric and other dimensional attachments. Besides which I wanted to try it to see how the shape flex works; so far it has worked very well.
The inspiration of this piece came from the first ort fabric that I constructed - it reminded me of a knoll covered with vegetation. It anchors the lower right corner of the picture. I attached a piece of shiny organza for the water, and stone beads for the shore.

After much trial and error I made an acceptable driftwood with painted tyvek.

I tried to flatten the tyvek as much as possible - it may be too dimensional sitting on top of the beads. The other option is to remove the beads and reattach them after the driftwood is in place. This is what it looks like with the driftwood on top of the rocks.

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