Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jellyfish 2.0

I tried another way to do the jellyfish body. I painted the silk gauze bright yellow, and "stuffed" the body with the folded under silk gauze. I outlined the body with stem stitch. It looks somewhat muddy, so for the final version, no painting.

The final (maybe) version. I trapped the angelina lace under the organza, to tone it down and give the water a subtle shimmer. I did not stitch the outline of the jellyfish with floss, as it made it too heavy.

I used Paint.Net to "auto-adjust" the color of the photo, it looks great - too bad it's not real! Maybe I can use that for the color scheme of the next version!

Enough jellyfish for now - I really have to get back to my Japanese embroidery, and finish up the Hydrangea.

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