Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jellyfish and angelina fibers

This is a revisit of a piece I did for my EGA design class previously.

I want to make this piece more dimensional. I would "trap" angelina fibers in the jellyfish body. My first trial attempt:

It was difficult to stitch the silk gauze to form a pouch onto the background. The angelina fibers under the gauze was not showing up well.
Here's the second attempt:

I substituted the angelina fibers with some thicker shinier thread so that it'd show up better.

This is not the final version, but I'll attempt to add some angelina fibers in the water to fulfill my class requirements.
Thinking ahead to the next version, I plan on stitching the "innards" so they are not so randomly coiled, and then add the silk gauze on top. The gelatinous stuff at the base of the tentacles don't look like what I want either.

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