Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jellyfish Done

This is what I consider finished, but still a beta version.

For the angelina film strips at the top - I attached some with beads and some with gel medium. The gel medium is staining the background fabric and is showing through. Not a success.

For the right jellyfish - I googled the anatomy of jellyfish and there are tentacles as well as thicker "oral arms with stinging cells". The thicker arms are flair threads loosely tacked down, and the tentacles are "line of staggered diagonals" as in Japanese embroidery. The "canals" were stitched on the silk gauze "hood" before attaching the hood to the background.

For the left jellyfish - the silk gauze hood is stuffed with invisible thread, and the canals are stitched on after the hood is attached. The tentacles are single strands of floss, tacked at the top and bottom, and allowed to be floating in between.

I'm not sure which jellyfish is better, or if I should take features from both jellyfish for my next attempt...

For the heat treated angelina fibers - I made a thin lace and tacked it down using invisible thread. To construct the lace, I used double stick tape to attach the fibers at one end, and a comb to line them up before ironing.

The idea I want to convey with this piece is airiness and transparency - I think I got part way there. Onward!

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